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Project Description
Extensibility projects for Visual Studio and Reflector.

The Neovolve.Extensibility project contains sub-projects related to extensibility of several products. The products addressed to date are Visual Studio and Reflector. Addins are also planned for ReSharper.

ReflectorLink is a Visual Studio addin that launches Reflector. It provides context menu support for Solution Explorer, code documents and a menu item under the Tools menu. See Using ReflectorLink 1.0 for more information.

Neovolve Reflector Addins
The Neovolve Reflector addins project is a set of addins for Reflector. The planned release includes an addin to remove assemblies that can't be resolved and an addin to sort the loaded assemblies.

Neovolve ReSharper Plugins
The Neovolve ReSharper plugins project is a set of plugins for the ReSharper addin for Visual Studio. These plugins enhance the functionality available through ReSharper. See Using ReSharper Plugins 1.0 for more information.

6th July 2008
ReSharper Plugins 1.0 released

29th May 2008
ReflectorLink 1.0 released

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